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Aug 2 '12



Now that I have internet again I can share these



I need to just point this out again so that I, myself, can believe it.

I have sexy friends who got to have pictures taken with the one and only Sharon Needles

Jun 13 '12
Stairway to…


Stairway to…


Jun 3 '11

Castro Scavenger Hunt

So tonight I had been planning to go to the Castro with some friends, that plan got canceled. But this guy didn’t know that =)

His messages:

" Hey lovely ;) since you’re gonna be ms.cutiecastro tonight, I thought you may enjoy a little photo scavenger hunt…

So here is a list of photos to capture, preferably with you and/or your friends in them as proof that they’re real;)

1. A questionable sex person. “is he a she, or she a him…err, ummmm”

2. A photo of you and/or your friends with a doppleganger

3. A nautical themed costume. Ahoy ahoy!

4. A couple in the sam outfit

5. ?ber flamboyance. Hayyyyy!

6. A creative use of the Rainbow

7. The best dance move ever done

8. True love and/or true vomit

9. A quintessential ‘Castro’ movement

10. An awkward being hit on moment

Have a great time tonight! If you like, send me the pics with the numerical reference so I can live through you while I work ;)    ”

Too bad I am not actually in the Castro, it would have been really fun